Saturday, November 9, 2013

What's the Title?

Oh, hi everyone! It's been....umm..... almost 2 years since my last post. Everything has changed, I'm no longer a secondary school student! It used to be one of my hardest time to leave junior high, I mean Soedirman and especially Definitional. We've passed our precious 3 years and it's time for us to follow our own way! There will be no goodbye between us :")

Let's move on! You won't know how much I miss writing on my blog. Well... I started my high school with 50:50 feeling. But if I still stay with my 50:50 feeling, I will not be like this. At first I choose private school instead of government's school.But after some 'big conversation' with my dad, I agree with government's school (I mean, I wanted to make him happy in a lifetime). And after a few months, all I thought before was nothing! Even at first I felt so much differences between junior and senior high, I tried to made myself comfortable. And I did. I met a lot of people who were my friend friend's friend friend's blablablablabla. Fortunately those people were so friendly and they made me okay with my new school (some of my primary school's friend were there too!). I didn't need a long long time to have a best friend. Goooooosh I'm so lucky!!

It's kinda stressful having a lot of tasks, projects, and homeworks. Those things really want me to care with them omg :( But what can I do beside following those rules? Anyway I miss wearing any kind of socks and shoes to school :"(( I don't know what to write but I once I said to miss Flo in EF that I like to talk about school. AH! I should be an Upper Advanced student but bcs EF don't want me to continue my last level they closed my class :( I'm joking, it's actually because my class didn't have enough student to continue the class. So I moved to the new level but it's in the same level with upper advance. Anddddd I met new friends!!!!!! How fun is making new friends. Lately my class is so quite since there's no kakak Lisa and kakak Gloria :( first time i came to class, they were nice to me. Even Hani is still here with me, she always late or she might not be in class. Senior high is getting busier than ever guys..... what a week.

Last, I don't even remember that this blog's link is still appear on my twitter. Until one of my unidentified classmate visited and told me that he opened my blog....  okay stop i don't even care hueheheheheh. It's free to read all my posts, I won't give you any taxes or even charges ;;) .

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Starting Over.

Heya! After hibernating, my mood to makeover this blog comes. Check it out later. ;D

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm Back (again)

After my mood gone away for a long time, I can't keep my own stories to my self. And I decide to tell you all! The stories will started from my first time in 8th grade until now. Surprising, for sure! Just wait.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Sorry, again and again, my mood for blogging is DISAPPEAR! Hffffft. There's a lot of story- but, as u know i'm not in the good mood now. Poor me.


Your Lazy Blogger.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Alhamdulillah, gua lulus kelas 7 dengan nilai yang gak jelek jelek banget. Rata-rata juga udah lumayan, tapi ranking nya gak lumayan nih-__- Iyap, gua ranking 6. Ranking pertamanya si Mpahe, kedua Ilma, tiga Pelita, keempat Reiza, kelima Aghis, keenam ada gua deh. Tapi gua gak sudi sama yang kelima wooooy!! Masa gua ranking 5 dia ranking 4, gua ranking 7 dia ranking 6, pokoknya gitu dah ihh -_-

AND STARTS FROM 11TH JULY, I'M PART OF 8F 2011/2012!!!!!!!!!! Yup itu artinya gua kelas 8F lagiii ~(^o^~)(~^o^)~ Tapi ada suatu 'ganjalan'. Jadi gini nih, pas udah tau gua 8F, langsung nanya dong yang lain pada di mana. Dan kalian mesti tau siapa yang ada di 8F.................... MEREKA ADALAH ORANG ORANG YANG PINTAR DAN BEROTAK ENCER, KAWAN. Contohnya? Bunga, Lala, Fahira......... Mereka kan pinter s
emua. Lah gua? Tekanan batin! Nanti kalo gua gabisa ninggiin nilai biar ngebalap mereka gimana? Eh tapi yang paling gua takutin sih kalo misalnya sekelas sama Muti ._. Kesempatan ranking 1 gua bisa ilang seketika tuh. Masa gua sekelas sama anak yang nilai science nya 9? Ih gua kan jadi maloeeeeee.

Tapi belom tau juga deh murid yang lainnya gimana. Tapi gua ga begitu suka sama sistem ini-_- Kesannya, setelah kelas 8 ada kelas 'pinter', 'sedeng' sama 'kurang
' dan itu nge bedain banget. Gua sih takutnya sekelas sama anak yang kurang suka jalan jalan, diem, rajin ngerjain pr dan segala tugas gitulah. GUA PENGEN ANAK ANAK MAZEF KECUALI *BEEEP* SAMA *BEEEP* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Ohya sebelum terima rapot Majep sempet jalan jalan looooooh. Kita ke KZ. Sebenenrnya bukan Majep, tapi sebagian doang. Kita harusnya berangkat jam 7, tapi si Reiza telat jadinya jam setengah 8 lagi. Terus jalanannya macet pula -_- hhhh. Untung aja kita sampe sana pas banget jam 9, jadi belom rame rame banget. And our favourite place that time was DISCO LOUNGE!!!!!!! Pas disana gua betah banget tuh. Yang perempuan kecuali ReizaSherinAndita ke disco lounge nya 2 kali. Pertama bareng anak cina kecil gitu. Dan
karena badan kita gede gede, otomatis mereka kita serbu. Untuk kedua kalinya, kita ngajak anak laki. Seru banget pas itu, ma'am Aci ikut masuk. Dan dia nge foto fotoin kita deh-_-

Ini tempat Majep ngabisin waktu pas di KZ. Sumpah kita napsu banget nge dance disini.

Dan ini pas kita nunggu untuk 2nd session. Satu disco lounge ini berasa milik mazef!

Dan di dalemnya............

After Disco Lounge, Cihan ngajak kita semua ke Metro. Imma Showbuzz presenter :D

After finished, the boys came and they told us that they saw Hani at the big tv. Surprised of course, and the time shows 12 o'clock so we need to have a lunch. Chicken and rice is enough for us!

Lunch Finished! What's next? Hani bought a cotton candy. And the last we were going to theater ;D But we need to Q. This is us when waiting for the theater to open. -_-

Do you know? Michael Jackson's song, Black or White was inspired by this photo:

No offense, just for fun.

Finally...... the theater started. This time the story is about Tinkerbell, and I'm one of the Indian people w/ Naf, Fahira and Pelita.

This is the picture of the pirates, there's Hani, Hanif and Marcell. Anyway the pirates (the man with red clothes) was so scary! But in reality he has no hair :/

And this is The Lost Kids. There's only Sulthan on it ._.v

Can u see how cute is that girl (the little tinkerbell)?! AWWW :3

Finally. The Indians out! There's me, Naf, Fahira and Pelita.

Kentut?! :O

All of us.

TIRED BUT WE WANT MOREEEEEEEE! OMAMA PLEASE!!! Anyway I'm in F class again w/pelitafahirailmaianfai #fyi -_- SEEYA!

Monday, June 13, 2011

One between 5.

Hey. This is the 2nd post today. And while writing this post, my sister is study Science, my dad asking question and I'm typing (again).

Now I started to save all my money. And what will I do with them all? First, I wish I can buy a fisheye lens. Hm it's quiet expensive :/ Second, an iPod case. Yes, it's cute!! Actually, my sister want this, not me. She saw her friend's, and she told me. When I checked it on iBox........... hahaha 225 thousands. But the old one is still okay ._.

Third is..... Lomo Camera in Akasara Bookstore. It's about 600 thousands I think, but it's SUPA KEEEWL. Hahaha. What else? H-O-M-E-S-T-A-Y! It's a must! Starts from now, I keep my money in my wallet and never let them out! \m/ And (insyaallah) I'll visit Aussie for the first time. With some students of DEFINITIONAL. :D Last, hm idk-_- Oha! I want a Nikon SLR camera.

That's it! How about yours? ;)

Who Says?

Who says who says i'm not perfect............ eh #DitaSalahLirik. Dan beginilah ceritanya kenapa Dita bisa salah lyrics.

SEBENERNYA YA. Yang salah lyrics tuh bukan gua, tapi Anien. Jadinya tuh, Anien kena yang namanya Who Says Fever (udah berasa justin bieber gini-_-). Since last week, she sang this song everytime but only "who says wo says you're not perfect who says you're not worth it who says you're the only one that's hurting". Hahaha you're so aneh, nin :p

One time, dia nge plesetin "who says" jadi "Husen". And of course husein reminds me to one of my classmate and i don't need to tell you her name. And I'm laughing when she sang it. "Husen, husen you're not perfect" Oke tapi ini bener. Husen emang ga perfect haha-_-

One more, ini emang rada melenceng dari judul tapi kenapa ada orang yang 'inspired by me'. HAHA still can't believe it, IS THERE ANYTHING SPECIAL FROM MY BLOG? This is so gembel u know. And this people wrote "famous blogger from the whole country." HEY MY BLOG IS NOT FAMOUSSSSEEEEE!!!!!!! <--- Kena virus Geronimo Stilton. Haha forget it.

And finally I left this page and I prefer to stop typing here. See ya!